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The author is a writer of science fictions, fantasies, mysteries and thrillers. His style is always satiric, blistering and humorous, but most of all they lend the stories to a libertarian and futurist idealism. He's a romantic agnostic, a sly atheist and a cunning plotter.

In the tales he offers, are broad hints as to how people should think, and reason and belch out powerful farces. It is his belief that if choices were taken away, then the adventures one makes for his or herself just aren't worth living.

So come to his world, where he invites with a voracious lick of the lips, peers into the soul of readers, and openly wonders if they're in their right minds...

These works can be obtained through Twilight Times Books, WriteWords, Inc., Fictionwise, Barnes & Nobles and Amazon. His material can be downloaded instantly, and then transferred–if one cares to tarry in good company–in any sort of electronic reader. Some others have been put in print, and eventually most of the rest of them shall, but why wait? Why not just titillate your fancy, and read of the wondrous possibilities in the human and alien soul.




    News! Geoff is pleased to announce an upcoming release.

    The Soapmaster's Apprentice    

    The Soapmaster's Apprentice

    Twilight Times Books
    Available Fall 2010!

What do you do with someone who is spoiled, incorrigible, and too used to having his own way? Answer: Transfer him to a world that is backwards, puzzling, dangerous, and just might hold the key to immortality.

Thrust between religious zealots, a curious dungeon keeper, an out-of-place, controlling female from his own people (who can't seem to let well enough alone), and a populace that literally stinks–literally–he has to find out how it all ties together. Only what he seems to be doing is pushing everyone towards a civil war!

    Behold the Eyes of Light

In the first book of the Eyes of Light series, "Behold the Eyes of Light," is the tale of a mutant female feline who was prophesied to lead her people "Up From The Hunt' and thereby save them from extinction.

However, the moment 'She' understood what that really meant, there was little choice in the matter. She had to use her one singular gift, the gift that could cast her towards the stars.

Falling into the clutches of a Dr'gon named Storoth, or ending up as a human Sorceress, was not what should have happened. Nonetheless, this changed everything!

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    Far Come the Eyes of Light

In "Far Come the Eyes of Light", second book in The Eyes of Light Series, a human boy is set down on the planet to hide him from his parent's enemies.

Once established, though, the rulers of the great cat race find that not only he, but his entire bloodline possesses incredible mutant potential.

Thus, they end up being his tutors, and it was just as well, for along with enemies creeping closer . . . something ancient, malevolent and hungry was coming for them all!

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    Within the Eyes of Light

The third book, "Within the Eyes of Light," reveals that a wondrous new culture is about to spring forth, but there are several difficulties that have to be overcome.

One is where some thoughtless scientists interfered with the evolutionary pattern on Calysia. Now, there wasn't just one primal species on the planet but three!

Still, worse than this, far worse, not only did these new species want citizenship, but they also wanted a piece of the action!

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    Beyond the Eyes of Light

In "Beyond the Eyes of Light," the fourth and last book in the Eyes of Light series, the world of the Yoolooet, Calysia, is fast becoming the center for a new galactic federation.

Everything seemed to be developing, as it should have, when a portal from the world of the Dr'gons opens.

Through it spills a clutch of the incorrigible, magical, fun-loving Gnomes, a group of very curious – perhaps very dangerous refugees –and a kidnapped Dr'gon named Storoth!

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    A Play of Shadows

The fifth work is "A Play of Shadows", which begins with a test of strength, where one clan seeks dominance over another. Then, as a result, the life of an innocent woman is taken.

As a friend and neighbor witnessed the crime, he determines that if justice is to take it's course, he must avenge her himself.

However, this is not only a story of revenge, it also depicts how the great syndicates that rule our world operate. And what it takes to check them!

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